Windows 8 App & Classic Desktop

Choose any device, work from anywhere

Choose classic Windows Desktop for XP & 7, or experience the Windows 8 app for desktops and tablets.

Work from your desktop at the office, or on-the-go with your LTE or WiFi tablet. Transfer sessions between devices and work from anywhere.

Built for both mouse and touch, Instant Housecall is the only remote support for Windows tablets and desktops.

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Remote support on-demand & unattended

On-demand remote support and unattended remote access — all in a single tool
Remotely access your customer’s PC or Mac instantly with no pre-installed software.  Install unattended remote access to perform maintenance on your schedule.

Instant Housecall lets you connect to your customer easily the way you want.  Save notes and session history, gather reports, and track metrics.

Seamlessly connect to customers with and without administrator privileges.  At the end of a session, you can automatically remove the support applet, or leave it installed for next time as a calling card.

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Branded for your business

Add your logo to keep your business top of mind
Brand Instant Housecall with your logo, company name, phone number and web address quickly and easily.

Instant Housecall makes it simple to keep your business top-of-mind with your customers.  Upload your logo, configure your company name, phone number and web address to keep it in front of your customers at all times.

Plus at the end of a session, you can automatically direct your customers to your website, branded session confirmation or feedback form.

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Easy Integration with your Website

Your customers never leave your site.
Your customers belong to you.  Keep them on your website to seamlessly download your support applet from your home page.  Instant Housecall automatically generates an HTML link that you can copy and paste, no programming knowledge required.

Prefer to keep things separate?  Your account includes a complimentary Support Portal ( where customers can start their download. You can even customizeand brand your Support Portal for your business.

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